Lance Eric


Bassist Lance has employed his unique style into the rhythm section of the heavy metal band, Bang Tango. He has had experience in several styles of music over the years, and has been playing live since he was 13 years old. This bassist/songwriter adds his own style of harmony to the backing vocals of most of the band’s songs.


Lance has been an active member of several local Arizona bands since his early teens, including the band Terashain for the past twelve years.  While with Terashain, Lance has helped write and perform original music as well as covers at well known clubs throughout Phoenix.  Terashain has produced two successful CD’s comprised of all original songs co-written by Lance.


Lance joined Bang Tango in February of 2006 and accompanied them on Metal In America Tour 2006 for six weeks playing venues throughout the United States.   Lance played bass for Pretty Boy Floyd and Bang Tango, opening for the Stephen Pearcy (RATT) Band.


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